May 20, 2007

Pratt Freed

Saturday, May 19, 2007
Source: Jamaica Observer

Earl Pratt and Mary Lynch were yesterday released from prison, just over an hour apart, in dramatic scenes that again turned national spotlight on both convicted murderers who served a combined 44 years at two of the island's maximum security prisons.....

Pratt was just 18 when he and his friend Ivan Morgan were arrested for the murder of businessman Junior Anthony Missick in 1977. Both men were sentenced to death in 1979.However, in 1994 their sentences were commuted to life by the Privy Council in a landmark ruling that made it illegal for persons on death row for more than five years to be executed.

Morgan eventually died of natural causes in prison.

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Privy Council 1993 Decision :

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Earl Pratt and Ivan Morgan Appellants v. The Attorney General of Jamaica & The Superintendent of Prisions

Death Sentence - Delay - Jamaican Constititution -

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