May 22, 2007

Links Between Business & CCJ

CCJ has major role in developing indigenous jurisprudence, economic integration
General News - Monday, May 21st 2007
Source: Stabroek News

The Caribbean Court of Justice has an important role to play in the development of an indigenous jurisprudence in the Commonwealth Carib-bean as well as in the success of the regional movement towards economic integration, says President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Justice Michael de la Bastide.

He also quipped that as businessmen and women they might also wish to ponder on the folly of paying for something (as the Court has been paid for by the establishment of the Trust Fund) and then not using it.

The title of the address was "Links between business and the Caribbean Court of Justice".
Explaining linkages between business and the CCJ, he pointed out that it had been recognised within recent years that for a Court to be successful it was essential that techniques and systems be employed in its management which are essentially the same as those in the running of a successful business. Another link of quite a different kind, he noted, is that created by the access which individuals and companies engaged in cross-border business in CARICOM have to the CCJ for obtaining redress when impacted by breaches of the provisions of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

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