October 27, 2008

Commonwealth Lawyers Association Conference

Former AG at Commonwealth Lawyers Association Conference
Source: Democrat - St Kitts & Nevis
Published: October 27, 2008

Mr. S.W. Tapley Seaton, C.V.O., Q.C., former Attorney General of St. Kitts and Nevis, Senior Partner in the Law Firm of SEATON & FOREMAN and current President of the OECS Bar Association flew the flag for St. Kitts and Nevis at the recently-concluded 25th Anniversary Conference of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association held in Montego Bay, Jamaica 16-19 October.

The theme of the Conference was “Justice at Home and Abroad”, with the triple thrusts of:
1. Universality of Human Rights.
2. Globalization and Legal Practice.
3. Public and Corporate Good Governance.
The gathering was truly transnational and saw representation and active involvement by participants from the Caribbean region, Zimbabwe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji and others. Lawyers were urged to pay keen attention to their responsibility to uphold the Rule of Law in their respective countries and there was opportunity to hear about and examine the challenges to the rule of law that face us throughout the Commonwealth including, among other topics, Electoral Law and the preservation of Democracy and the seeming threats we should look for even in economically prosperous countries. There was the opportunity to hear first hand from lawyers in the front line who are dealing with these challenges to the rule of law on a daily basis.

The significance of the Conference was underscored by the attendance of such eminent persons as the Hon. Bruce Golding, M.P., Prime Minister of Jamaica, who gave the Opening Address and declared the Conference Open; Senator, The Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, Q.C., Attorney General of Jamaica; President, Caribbean Court of Justice, Right Honourable Justice de la Bastide; Chief Justice of Jamaica, Mrs. Justice Zalia McCalla.

Mr. Seaton chaired the Closing Ceremony of the Conference, which heard the Hon. David Thompson, Prime Minister of Barbados deliver a rousing Closing Address. The P.M. emphasized the challenges to the legal profession in a shrinking world and urged lawyers to ‘get with it’ and make a decision as to whether they would be swift gazelles escaping the rampaging lions of globalization or whether they would be the lions gobbling up those reactionary gazelles who are unable to keep up with the changing times. The P.M.’s message to the legal profession was, whatever your choice, gazelle or lion, get up and “run” if you want to stay alive in the current climate.

Delegates at the Conference and their guests received the full measure of the warmth, hospitality and cultural excellence of the Jamaican people, while pursuing a business agenda of interesting topics and outstanding speakers.

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