October 31, 2007

A Call for Public Education

Victims need justice too
Source: Nation Newspaper - Barbados
Published on: 10/30/07.

Kindly allow me space in your column to express my views about abolishing capital punishment in this island.

Yes, indeed everybody wants to see criminals get leniency or acquitted for heinous crimes, such as murder, but not a soul is concerned about the victims or their families or their children.

The said people who would like to see justice done promptly for criminals never once express their poignance for the victims. Some want Government to discontinue hanging in Barbados.

As far as I am concerned, capital punishment no longer exists in the Caribbean, so this load of rot about capital punishment nonsense is just a joke.

Almost every day, some innocent person dies as a result of lawless youngsters who have either no regard for human lives or the law (period). But all you are hearing is people talking glib, as usual, about fair and prompt trials for criminals.

Not a soul, in Bajan parlance, ain't feeling for the victims' families or their children.

The question I am asking is what is the purpose of this Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)? What purpose does it serve? I haven't heard of anything being done since we, the Caribbean people, implemented this CCJ system.

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