August 05, 2007

Misconceptions about the Role of the CCJ

Source: LoveFM - Belize
Commissioner Westby said it is now time for Belize to work towards joining the Caribbean Court of Justice .
“As societies and the region evolve, we as a people regionally,we need to have our own system in place. We understand our own unique situation in the Caribbean. Certainly hats off to the Privy Council but I think that it’s time for us to have and I would like to see our Belizean politicians come together and pass in the House of the National Assembly where we can have the Criminal’s Appeal because right now if it’s five years and they go to the Privy Council, they will not hang them again. I have never ever authorized any hanging I’m certain if you commit a crime then you must pay a price. And that is what I would like to see our politicians come together and put partisan politics aside or pass the bill or the act or whatever it is to authorize the Caribbean Court of Justice as our final court of appeal.”

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